What type of sport do you play? Are you dribbling on a court or kicking a ball on a field? Maybe, you're running on a track building up your physical endurance each day. No matter how hard you train, though, you still could do more. You also have to consider that you're at risk for an injury, even if you've been playing for years. Fortunately, chiropractic care for sports performance may improve your performance and reduce your chances of an injury.

Reduce Inflammation

As you train or partake in physical activity, you're stimulating your muscles and other soft tissue as you move around on the court or field. Your body may be feeling the stress. As a result, your circulation may increase, and your body will send white blood cells to the injury site, which causes swelling. Some people may experience chronic inflammation as the result of overtraining or improperly working the muscles can result in chronic pain.

A chiropractor may help manage the inflammation by gently working the area. Sometimes, massage is used to combat it. Chiropractic adjustments, as well as diet changes, can also help in the process.

Prevent an Injury

When you train hard and perform in a sport in general, you could sustain an injury, even if you practice on a regular basis. An injury could set you back in training. It could prohibit you from getting out and enjoying your sport. An injury will even affect your home life.

With chiropractic care, though, you can prevent an injury. First and foremost, your chiropractor will guide you through exercises that gently work your muscles and soft tissue. As a result, they become stronger and more resistant to injury.

Your chiropractor will discuss proper techniques on the field or court, which could reduce your likelihood of an injury. Additionally, your practitioner will discuss the importance of warming up and cooling down after an intense workout.

Injury Treatment


Even if you know the proper techniques, you're still at risk for a strain, sprain, or another sports-related injury. Instead of suffering the entire way through recovery, chiropractic care may help manage your pain and inflammation. In addition, the treatments can improve your range of motion, function, and flexion to optimize your recovery.

We use adjustments, chiropractic exercises, hot and cold therapy, and various other modalities to assist in your recovery. We may improve the recovery time so you can get back to your sport sooner.

Prevent Chronic Issues

When left unaddressed, an acute injury could turn into a chronic problem that could hinder more than just your sports performance. With chiropractic care, you can treat the problem before it has the potential to turn into chronic pain.  

Better Nutrition for Better Performance

Your muscles need protein to repair themselves and recover. Your entire body requires vitamin C to prevent oxidative damage and for injury repair. The list of other vital nutrients you require is extensive. A chiropractor will inquire about your current exercise and sports routine. Your practitioner will want to know about your diet as well.

Based on a thorough evaluation, our chiropractor will recommend a nutrition program. This ensures you have all the nutrients you need for energy and optimal performance.

Get the Rest You Need

The average person requires around seven hours of sleep each night. Sleep helps with both your brain and sports performance.

Chiropractic care has been shown to improve your sleep. It helps reduce cortisol in your system, which is known to interfere with your sleep.

Better Flexibility


Flexibility isn't just important if you partake in gymnastics. It impacts your sports performance, too. When you can move more, you'll be able to get the ball or do whatever it is you do better. Moreover, when you're flexible, you're less likely to sustain an injury.

Improved Reaction Time

Our chiropractor will ask you about the sport you partake in and then will customize a sports performance regimen for your needs.

It may include exercises that work on your reaction time. You'll then be able to respond to your opponent quicker, possibly causing you to play more defensively.

Stronger Muscles

Depending on the sport you play, your muscles may play a vital role in your performance. Chiropractic care may help to build those muscles, which will have an effect on your performance.

Better Technique

Your chiropractor may not specialize in your sport. However, your practitioner does understand how the body works and moves. Your chiropractor understands ways to use your body to your advantage and also improve certain aspects of your sport.

Your practitioner will guide you through ways to improve your technique to better your skills.

Get Care Without Side Effects

If you feel strongly about the negatives of some prescription medications, chiropractic care for a sports injury may be up your alley. The treatments are all-natural and don't require you to ingest any type of drug.

Additionally, as long as you listen to recommendations, you don't have downtime after treatments. You just may have to take it easy to prevent worsening the injury, unlike a more invasive surgical procedure.

Care for Various Parts of Your Body

You use multiple parts of your body for your sport. If you utilize chiropractic care to improve your performance, you can work on improving multiple body parts at one time.

Chiropractic care for sports performance can change your game or treat an injury. Additionally, you can utilize chiropractic care to prevent injuries in the future.

Less Pain

Sports can take a toll on your joints and soft tissue. You may feel the pain after a day of practice, especially when you overexert yourself.

Chiropractic care can prep your body, so you'll have less pain after your workout or participate in your sport, even on the days when you overdo it.

Choose chiropractic care to improve your agility, recovery time, and avoid injuries.

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